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For the past seventeen years, CAS has been a solutions provider to businesses, helping them meet their financial objectives.


Vision without execution is just hallucination. I have started a few businesses over the years, but lacked the strategic know-how needed to take them to the next level. These guys are not only business intellectuals that solve problems; they are geniuses that prevent them. With their guidance, my business ventures quickly turned into multiple streams of income. I just did not see this coming!

Answers to common questions our clients have asked

There is no such thing as a dumb question. In fact, if you do not ask questions, it means that you are probably not learning. These are some of the most common questions asked by our clients regarding business matters.

Especially during the current pandemic, we have established distancing protocols; having regular client meetings and consultations remotely is a sensible, safe, and secure way to conduct business. It has become, and will remain a standard across the CAS Business group.

Get started by contacting us or scheduling a meeting and speaking to one of our our knowledgeable representatives. Depending on the nature of your enquiry, we will provide you with a list of information that would be helpful to have at a future, scheduled meeting.

We can provide you with a variety of pricing options, but it all depends on the type of services you desire.

Click on our pricing page to see the different services offered and the cost of each. We try our best to offer up-front pricing so that potential clients are ready to discuss business when they request a call.

As much as you can reasonably afford, and in an amount to at least carry you for 6-9 months with no income. What you will find is that it always takes you longer to get revenues, and that you will experience more expenses than anticipated;

No, don’t waste your time. It will be counterproductive and slow down your fundraising. And many investors will refuse anyway. It’s hard enough to get a meeting with an investor — don’t put another roadblock in the way. For the most part, it’s not the idea that is important, it’s the implementation of the idea and the entrepreneurs behind it;

Whatever amount gets you funded. Don’t try to over-optimize on ownership. Get cash to grow your business and make your investors happy as well;

The answers are:

  • Shortage of capital and cash flow
  • Having a good business plan
  • Coming up with a great product or service
  • Sticking to it
  • Working more than you expected
  • Getting through the frustrations of being constantly rejected by customers
  • Hiring good employees
  • Knowing when to fire bad employees
  • Having to wear so many hats
  • Managing your time
  • Maintaining some kind of work/life balance

It’s useful to come up with a business plan to think through what you want to do for the development of the product or service, marketing, financial projections and more. Then get input from trusted business/finance advisors. But don’t go overboard with a 50-page business plan. In reality many start-ups have to deviate from their plan;

There is no one right answer. But you should discuss it and agree upon it right up front to avoid any misunderstandings later on. If you are the original founder and brains behind the idea, a good argument can be made for more than 50% ownership. The split should take into account:

  • The relative value of the contributions of the founders
  • Vesting dependent upon continued participation in the business (you don’t want to give away 25% of the company to someone who leaves after a few months)
  • The amount of time to be committed to the business
  • The cash compensation to be paid as an employee
  • Whether the founders will be contributing cash as investment in the business
  • Whether one person wants to maintain control over decision making

A business that

  • You are passionate about
  • Doesn’t take a kazillion dollars to fund
  • Has the potential to grow into something big in a reasonable time frame
  • You have some experience in (avoiding the problem of “you don’t know what you don’t know”)
  • You would enjoy doing (don’t build a business that you will dread going to everyday)
  • One that can cause meaningful improvement in users’ lives

Areas of Expertise


We help business owners to focus on working “on” their business rather than working “in” it. Together we develop specific tools, and implement business strategies that aid in fostering consistent growth. When it comes to businesses – We Provide Solutions!

Business Financing

Helping you find the right capital for your business. These include capital investments, loans, and grants.

Technology Solutions

We analyze your current processes, and recommend new processes and tools to help your business operate more efficiently.


Today’s business climate requires effective communication, on a variety of levels, to maintain relevance. We can help!

Accounting and Taxes

Facilitating all aspects of accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll for business and personal clients.

Business Consulting

Our team of experts is available to guide you in launching, growing, or managing your business. Contact us NOW!


Our affiliates have many training programs to help you in personal development, business improvement, and more. Learn More

We service small and medium businesses, individuals, including independent contractors and professionals. If you are not sure how we can help, or if you do not see a service listed above, one of our business specialists will be happy to meet and discuss your needs.