25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Each individual defines success differently, that said, whatever your definition there are a number of common character traits that successful entrepreneurs share. Review the 25 characteristics below and see which ones you currently possess. By doing this you will see how well you measure up. For those that you may not possess, the good thing is that, with a little practice, most can be learned. So continue setting goals, incorporate a winning attitude and you will definitely reach them.

How Do You Stack Up?

Each of the characteristics below can be obtain by anyone. By listing them, we are hoping to have you take an inward look and see what you may be missing. We are certain that not everyone is excellent at all of them, however, the more of these characteristics you possess, the closer you will be to becoming that successful entrepreneur. If you have many of these, by practicing the others you will become even better!

  • 01: Do what you enjoy

  • 02: Take what you do seriously

  • 03: Plan everything

  • 04: Manage money wisely

  • 05: Ask for the sale

  • 06: Remember it’s all about the customer

  • 07: Become a shameless self-promoter (without becoming obnoxious)

  • 08: Project a positive business image

  • 09: Get to know your customers

  • 10: Level the playing field with technology

  • 11: Build a top-notch business team

  • 12: Become known as an expert

  • 13: Create a competitive advantage

  • 14: Invest in yourself

  • 15: Be accessible

  • 16: Build a rock-solid reputation

  • 17: Sell benefits

  • 18: Get involved

  • 19: Grab attention

  • 20: Master the art of negotiations

  • 21: Design Your workspace for success

  • 22: Get and stay organized

  • 23: Take time off

  • 24: Limit the number of hats you wear

  • 25: Follow-up constantly

Start incorporating These Traits Into Your Daily Business Practices

As you master each of these characteristics you will see a noticeable change in how your customers interact with you. It is a fact that if you peform an act for 20 consecutive days it will become a habit. Turn these traits into daily habits!.

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