We are ready to address your financial and tax compliance needs …

Having a knowledgeable team to help guide you through all the tax and government issue is extremely important. With our team taking care of your tax compliance and other financial reporting requirements you can focus on growing and developing your business. Our team will ensure that your business remains …

Accounting and Bookkeeping


Our Accounting Technicians are experienced and proficient in their discipline, able to quickly and efficiently address a variety of business industries and situations.

Our Bookkeeping team is knowledgeable in a broad set of software and systems allowing them to be able to serve your business needs on all levels. We offer hourly or fixed rates for our services. Call Us First!!

  • Legal profession

  • Professionals

  • Construction Industry

  • Retail industry



Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or occasional payroll – we can assist with accurate calculation and reporting. We also handle your WSIB and Health Tax.

For Canadian Payroll, our focus is on all provinces, including Quebec. We can help you get setup and registered based on your level of operation in each province. Trust us to accurately calculate your payroll, allowing you to focus on running your business.

  • Hourly
  • Salary

  • Commission

  • Piece Work

Income Taxes

$75 and up

Income tax should not be a once-per-year pop-up event! We offer year-round income tax service so you will never have to worry if we will be around in August, etc. You need a team that is available whenever CRA call. We are that team!

Because we handle corporate and personal taxes all day, every day, we can quickly help in resolving any situation you may encounter. We are your representative, which means you will never have to communicate with CRA about your tax matter(s).

  • Corporate Taxes
  • Personal Taxes
  • Non-Residents
  • Multi-Jurisdictions

Audit Representation


If you have ever been audited you know hove stressful that process can be. It does not need to be so! We have handled many audits from various government departments on behalf of our clients over the years.

Being aware of the hows and whats of these various departments, we can help you get and organize this information. This can only lead to an orderly and speedy review of your information by the agent. Some of the audits we handle include:

  • Income Tax Audits
  • GST/HST Audits
  • Payroll Audits
  • EHT/WSIB Audits

Accounting Setup


Shoebox accounting is no longer necessary; that said, you also should not have to dish out excessive amounts each month for accounting software that you have to pay your accountant to figure out. We will give you the solution that suits how YOU do business.

We strongly believe that the accounting process does not have to difficult. Sometimes you just need to focus on invoicing and collecting payments. We always take you into consideration and design the most effective accounting solution.

  • Manual Setup
  • Computerized Setup
  • Multi-year Catch-up
  • Conversions

Clients and Affiliates