Thinking about changing business structure from sole-proprietorship to Corporation?

There are things you may not have considered that could provide tremendous tax benefits to you. Consider this: Your business has been successful, and now you feel it is time to incorporate; there are taxable benefits in rolling your assets from a sole-proprietorship to your new corporation. Our team of professionals can look at your business and guide you through the process.

Is your business still operating the same way it did prior to the Covid-19 pandemic?

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that if business owners do not change their approach to business they will not survive. Be it technology, marketing, financial, managment … the old methods no longer apply. Lean, agile, and progressive are some of the terms that come to mind. As a business owner you need to decide if you want to STRIVE or just survive. We can help you strive!

Doing what we do best – GET RESULTS!

Let us help you…


CAS Business Services has been completing my taxes for over 7 years. They are very detailed oriented and always provide solid recommendations on how I can optimize my tax filing. I find the staff to be very reliable and I am very confident with the knowledge shared, and feel at ease each year when I submit my returns. Thanks for the support you’ve provided throughout these years.

Danielle A.


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