You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

Navigating through the business ecosystem can be daunting. With our experienced and supporting team of legal and financial experts, we will get you the answers to your challenging business questions, and find solutions to challenging situations. Whether you are starting up, expanding, or winding down your business we can assist you with the process.

Corporate Structuring


Not all situations warrant the same solution; hence, the need to have a team of business specialists to assist you in all aspect of your business development. It is never just what it is; we help make it what you want it to be!

Whether you are looking to monetize a process, launch a business idea, or expand your current business offerings we can help bring clarity to the situation. Some of the services offered include:

  • Business Organizing
  • Expansion
  • Start-Up
  • Sale/Dissolution



After years of working with lawyers and others, we can say to our clients: “We got this”. We offer affordability with the same level of knowledge, expertise, and convenience.

If you are looking to start a new business, or expand your existing, you may or may not know the implications from a tax or strategic perspective. There may even be jurisdictional considerations. We can help by clarifying these matters, allowing you to focus on more important functions. Our business services include, but is not limited to the following types of business registrations:

  • Federal
  • Provincial
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Sole-Proprietorship

Clients and Affiliates